[Spring-Summer 2023]

Survey One | June 2023

This short, anonymous online survey explored understandings of hybrid education, by both faculty and students. It also asked: “Is hybrid education the future?” 

Survey One Results

What country are you located in?
What is your institutional affiliation?

What is your role at the institution?
Does your institution currently offer hybrid courses?

Describe what you understand hybrid education to be.

Please indicate your feelings with the following statements:
  • Hybrid classrooms enhance educational experiences.
  • Hybrid learning fosters a multitude of tangible skills.
  • Hybrid teaching leads to higher student understanding.
  • Hybrid classrooms allow for individual student support.
  • Hybird education improves accesssibility and reach.
  • Hybrid programs are cost effective.

What are your biggest concerns about hybrid teaching and learning approaches?

Is hybrid education the future?

Survey Two: August 2023

At the beginning of the academic term, undergradaute students were invited to articulate their experiences of different learning modes and their preferences via an anonymous, online survey. 

Survey Two Results

Programme or Course of Study. Level of Study. Year of Study.

In-person learning: What do you like about being taught in-person, face-to-face by faculty? What's challenging?

Online learning: When and how have you experienced online learning?Did you enjoy your online classes? Why? Why not?

Blended learning: In your education career, were you ever offered classes that were a mix of in-person and online learning? If yes, what did these classes look like? And, were there things that you found particularly valuable?

Personal preference: How would you like to be learning if you could choose (more time at home, more time at university, one-to-one support, group lessons, flexibility, etc.)?

Future: How do you think the university classroom of the future will look like?

Survey One & Two: Summary